Sneshi Watanabe

渡辺仙伺(watanabe shenshi)



2010年、目黒区「CLASKA」で行なわれたイベント『W+K TO GO-INSTALLATION-』にて、映像作家•伊東玄己氏、作曲家•佐藤礼央氏とコラボレートし、華道とモーショングラフィックスをミックスしたインスタレーション作品を出展。

同年、代官山「UNIT」にて音楽アーティスト•(故)NUJABESの追悼イベント『~NUJABES ETERNAL SOUL~』にて、写真家•太田好治氏とグラフィックアーティスト•藤田二郎氏(FJD)らと共に華を出展。

2011年5月にSEMIPERMANENT /ETCC(CREATIVE COMMONS)オープニング及びアフターパティーに出展

同年、オーストラリアの国民的有名なヒップポップバンド THE HERD
の最新アルバムFUTURE SHADEのアルバムジャケットの作品を手がける.

DJ ユニットDOWN UNDER BEATSのミュージッククリップに制作参加。2012公開予定。

Shenshi Watanabe

Born in Tokyo. Moved to Australia at a young age and studied art at a Steiner school.After returning to Japan, Watanabe seriously began studying Ikebana in Kyoto. In 2009, after moving to Tokyo, he actively began his career as a flower artist. Until now, he’s collaborated with a plethora of artists, and has presented his work at several modern art events. The modernistic approach to his work enables him to go beyond the traditional Ikebana style, and create art that has hitherto been unseen in flower arrangement.

Recent works2010 – Watanabe collaborated with musician Leo Sato and videographer Genki Ito at the event [W+K TO GO - Installation] to create an Ikebana motion graphics display at [Claska] in the Meguro district.Watanabe also collaborated with photographer Yoshiharu Ota and graphic designer Jiro Fujita on an arrangement for the memorial event of the musician Nujabes at [Unit] in Daikanyama, Tokyo.He present his work at [Semipermanent], a design conference in Australia on May 13th, 2011.Most recently, Watanabe worked with the Australian hip-hop group The Herd, to design the cover for their newest album, Future Shade. The album hits the market on August 25th, 2011.

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